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Dogs love cookies. You love your dog. (See where we’re going with this?)

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Whatever you made sure tastes good! I think I’m growing a tail :)

What awesome treats!! Mozzie, my golden retriever, is the pickiest eater in the whole world! Took the treat and ate it right away!! Usually all treats go to her mat for inspection!!!!

These are beautifully packaged and not 1 single controversial ingredient, all great stuff, and the dogs love them!! Thank you.

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    Is Peanut Butter Still Safe for Your Dogs?

    Peanut Butter is a staple ingredient in so many popular dog treats that it’s hard to think of it as anything other than safe. But there’s a new sweetener in town, it’s gaining gaining in popularity, and it’s toxic to dogs. According to Dr. Jason Nicholas, of PreventativeVet.com, a sugar substitute called xylitol is making […]

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  • Hobbs

    Save a Dog, Save the World

    OK, maybe the original (Save the cheerleader, save the world) was more punchy, but saving a dog isn’t bad either. A few days ago we saw a picture of an 8-week old Saint Bernard puppy up for adoption at a southern California shelter/rescue. Given the timing, we figure he was someone’s Christmas present gone terribly […]

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  • Gluten Problem – or Pesticide Problem?

    Someone sent me a link to this article a few days ago, which discusses the long-term effect of using the pesticide Roundup before harvest for many grain crops.   All I can say is, wow! It’s great food for thought. We’ve seen a huge rise in people reporting problems with wheat products – so much […]

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Show & Tell


    Puppies try Saintlees

    Heather: Macen & his grandma spent time with the puppies today, giving them yummy Saintlees dog treats that they just love. I love that these healthy treats won’t upset their tummies!!! Thank you

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  • Amy_badge11

    Amy Representing like a Boss!

    Amy: This is Amy at our first outdoor sales event, showing all the other dogs how to enjoy a Saintlees Cookie Treat

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