Fuqing Nuclear Power 1# Unit Successfully Finished One Non-nuclear Impulse Starting

At 14:45, 20th, December, Fuqing nuclear power 1# unit successfully realized a non-nuclear impulse starting to 1500RPM with excellent indicators, which marked the new level on Fuqing nuclear power engineering construction.

Fujian Fuqing nuclear power engineering project enjoys the highest autonomization and localization level in today’s China, the CNNC Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. takes charge of the construction, debugging, operating and managing of the nuclear power plant. This project is a connecting link through the national nuclear development, and has a significant importance on improving the localization level of 1000MW class nuclear power plants, promoting the cultivation of nuclear power talents, realizing the standardization, serialization and batch construction of 1000MW class nuclear power plants as well as optimizing Fujian, East China electric power network structure, finally reducing emission and haze.