Taishan #1 Nuclear Power Unit Realized Boxing-up Cylinder

Taishan nuclear power project is the third generation acquires advanced nuclear power technology which developed and constructed by France and China jointly, the power per unit is 1755MW, which is the largest in nuclear power units all over the world.

On 29th, March, before dawn, under the witness of Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture, France EDF, ALSTOM, relative staff from Guangdong Thermal Power Company and technical service representative from DTC, as the upper side of HIP cylinder takes its place, the boxing-up of HIP cylinder work of Taishan nuclear power project #1 unit successfully finished after 17 hours, this marks the turbine’s four-casing through flow satisfy the design requirement. This achievement also lays a solid foundation for the commercial operation of Taishan #1 unit.