DTC Successfully Developed the Largest Air-cooling Last Stage Blade of Steam Turbine

??????? On 15th, April, the 1030mm long blade for air-cooling turbine, which is totally self-researched and developed by DTC, has successfully passed the moving frequency modulation test, this marked that DTC has possessed the ability of developing the world’s advanced last stage long blade for air-cooling steam turbines, and laid a solid foundation for DTC to research and develop 1300MW class and even bigger air-cooling units.

??????? The 1030mm blade researched and developed by DTC, is the longest air-cooling last stage blade all over the world. It has advanced structure, optimized aerodynamic performance, both strength and vibration indexes all satisfy the design standard. For 660MW class air-cooling units, we adopt 1030mm blade and double-exhaust, thus we can reduce one LP casing, and save around 20% cost; on the other hand, we can reduce the examination cost as well as increasing the stability. The economical efficiency is almost the same with quadruple-exhaust, and can be popularized and applied in quadruple-exhaust 1200MW-1300MW class air-cooling units. This is another huge contribution that DTC made to low carbon economy and environment protection.