Fuqing Nuclear Power 1# Unit Successfully Realized Impulse Starting

At 4:10 am, 7th, August, 1# unit of CNNC Fujian Fuqing nuclear power station successfully realized impulse starting and reached the rated speed 1500rpm for the first time. The relative parameters were quite stable during the whole process. The localization degree of CNNC Fujian Fuqing nuclear power turbines reaches as high as 85%, which possess the highest independent and localization degree all over China. Conventional island steam turbine part of Fuqing nuclear power 1# unit is the 1000MW class secondary half-speed product that DTC bears the performance guarantee independently, it is also the first unit DEC supplies to CNNC. The success of the nuclear-related impulse starting lays a solid foundation for the further cooperation between CNNC and DEC. It is reported that Fuqing 1# unit will be put into commercial operation in Nov., 2014.