#2 Unit of Liuheng Power Plant Passes the Experts’ Final Acceptance

On 28th, Oct., the closing meeting of 2# unit from Zhejiang Zheneng China Coal Zhoushan Coal Power Co., Ltd., Liuheng Power Plant’s new project initiating committee was held in Hangzhou. Liuheng 2# unit firstly carried the rated load at 1030MW on 28th, Aug., and on 17th., Sep., finished the full-load trial operation. During the period, the axis system went on smoothly, each bearing shell temperature was normal, the main parameters satisfies the design requirement. Till now, the unit has been accumulatiely generated 666 million degree’s electricity.

After the appraisal of the experts and leaders, they all agreed that Liuheng 2# unit had completely possessed the formal transfer condition. The economic indicator takes the lead in the domestic market, the steam turbine’ optimization and the other 12 optimization items get a huge success. Especially the ultra-low-emission indicator is quite adanced, which is the first case realizing ultra-low-emission the during basic foundation period. This project is quite competitie joining the appraisal of National Green Gold Award.