Dogs love cookies. You love your dog. (See where we’re going with this?)


It all started here. Meet Amy, a one-year old Saint Bernard. She’s a pretty normal Saint. That means she has feet the size of beer mugs, drools and slobbers like a boss and loves children, little dogs, big dogs, cats, adults, mud, the dog park, running fast (or slow), and belly rubs, amongst other things.

Amy at 4 months

Amy at 4 months

Unfortunately even though Amy loves just about every type of food she tries, not all foods feel the same way about Amy. We learned right away that no matter how much Amy loves chicken, it sure doesn’t love her back. We found the same thing with a whole lot of commercial foods, both mass market and boutique brands.

After a lot of trial and error, we found a quality food that kept Amy happy while not giving her hot spots or loose stools, two of the most common side-effects for dogs with food allergies or intolerances. (Then the brand changed hands, the formula changed shortly thereafter, and it no longer agreed with Amy, but that’s another story.





Yeah, that’s mud

Yeah, that’s mud


Once we got Amy’s regular food sorted out, we realized that there was still a problem with her treats. Again, most of the commercial treats disagreed with her. That was especially true with the softer, meat-based treats. She would be okay for a day or so, but then the same tummy troubles would begin. We didn’t do any better with the crunchy biscuit treats. She would eat the hard baked treats for a little bit, but quickly tired of the taste.

Our experience with Amy became our  inspiration for creating Saintlees Cookie Treats. We started with a few quality ingredients that we knew were okay for dogs. Then came a lot of research and testing. We added and swapped ingredients, changed preparation methods and played with cooking times and temperatures.

It took about a year, before we came up with our current recipe. Every ingredient serves a purpose. Like coconut oil, for example, which is so healthy for skin and soft coats. And flax seeds, which are great at helping to keep things tight (as long as they are ground, not left whole). Each ingredient is something you can pronounce, recognize, and find in your own cupboards and refrigerators. There is no wheat, corn, added sugars, animal fats, preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors or artificial flavors. Plus we’re local. All of our ingredients are either made in or sourced in the United States, and all of our products are baked and packaged here, too.

Most importantly, Amy still loves her cookie treats. She’s always happy when it’s baking day, and loves to fulfill her role as taste-tester and quality control supervisor.

Everything that goes into a Saintlees Dog Cookie has been chosen for its healthful and helpful nutritional property. It is our sincere hope that your dog will love the taste and the satisfying crunch in each cookie treat as much as Amy does, and that you’ll love the result!

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