Save a Dog, Save the World

OK, maybe the original (Save the cheerleader, save the world) was more punchy, but saving a dog isn’t bad either.

HobbsA few days ago we saw a picture of an 8-week old Saint Bernard puppy up for adoption at a southern California shelter/rescue. Given the timing, we figure he was someone’s Christmas present gone terribly wrong. And at 8 weeks, this is a very young puppy to be abandoned. He needs socialization, people to bond with and potty training … not a life in limbo.

So, we posted his picture and details to one of the many Facebook groups we are part of. Lo and behold, within two days, he was safely in his new home. Even better, the family who adopted him took along another dog from the shelter as a friend.

That’s two dogs who are hopefully on a journey to a great happy life together, with food bowls, water dishes, toys, walks, belly rubs and warm beds to sleep in. It’s not saving the world, by any stretch. But for those two dogs, it sure made a difference to their world. And today, that’s not a bad thing!



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